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Damon Richardson
Graphic Design & Art Direction

I’m a highly experienced, independent graphic designer specialising in logo design, brand identity and creative direction across print and digital. I work closely with clients of all sizes, from individuals and start-ups to established companies throughout the UK and abroad to help their businesses grow.

My approach is simple: to help you communicate your products and services by engaging your audience through distinctive and meaningful design.

If you’d like to discuss a strategic approach to the design, redesign or refinement of your visual branding and communications, I’d love to hear from you.

Call +44 (0)7881 958 339


Chris Nutt
Managing Director,

Investor Communications

Damon is a skilled and experienced graphic designer who produces high-quality work. We have worked together on a number of projects for our financial clients including sales brochures, product factsheets, print advertisements and corporate branding.

Damon always interprets the design brief effectively and delivers on time
and in budget.

Richard Croucher
Group Marketing Manager


Having reviewed numerous portfolios, Damon’s was the one which had the design clarity, strength and confidence we’d been seeking.

He’s subsequently demonstrated this
in his work with us, helping us translate a complex business model, with disparate audiences, into a distinctive and coherent visual identity. Crucially, he’s always ensured that the design has the flexibility to address any practical issues and delivers againstthe business objective.

It’s been a pleasure to work with Damon and we look forward to continuing this relationship as we roll out the new visual identity across the Group.

Martin Knight

Knight Architects

Studio Richardson provided Knight Architects with a comprehensive new design for our corporate identity, embracing print and online media. 

The design retained key aspects of our established identity but brought a clear, fresh approach and a flexibility which has allowed us to roll out the identity across a wide range of projects.

Damon’s approach was intelligent
and focused and we are delighted
with the results.